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Leesburg, GA 31763, USA

A Little About Myself

How I Became a Pet Sitter

I love taking care of animals. I got into starting this business after working in a kennel. I saw how sad those animals where when they where dropped off. A lot of them stayed in distress until their owners returned. I saw the need for the animals to be able to stay home.


Pampered Kritters and House Sitters

Your Pet’s Second Best Friend

It's my pleasure to share my love of animals with everyone I meet, especially your pets! When you’re away from home, you can trust me to take care of your furry friends with all the attention and love they deserve. Be assured that I will treat your pet as I would treat my own, with all of the playfulness they need.



Happy Pets, Unbeatable Pet-Sitting

With Pampered Kritters and House Sitters, you will find everything you need - your best friend will have a friend come over while your gone to keep them company. I’m flexible with days and times needed , whether you’re traveling on vacation or just out for the day. I make sure your pets get plenty of fresh air and exercise in order to develop their physical fitness and social skills. If your friend needs special attention, we make sure it's done. Medications are given in times needed as well.

Responsible & Reliable

Regardless of your animal’s type, age or mannerisms, each of my services can be customized specifically for them. Get in touch today with any questions about how I can help you and your furry friend.

I’m ready to take care of your pets and whatever they may need to make them feel at home.


At Home Services

Are you going away and rather not leave your loving companion in a cage at the kennel with other random animals? Then you should consider my in-house care services. For a very reasonable hourly rate, I will happily take care of your pet in my home or yours — depending on your preference. I’ll make sure your furry friend receives a whole lot of attention, play time, and love until you return.

Golden Dog

Pet Sitting

Sign up for a Pampered Kritters and House Sitters Pet Sitting and make sure your pet has the care and attention they need while you’re not around. I have loads of experience taking care of pets, and have perfected my Pet Sitting services over the years. Sign up today and give your furry pal a great experience at Pampered Kritters and House Sitters.

Key in the Lock

Locking & Arming

No matter whether you’re in need of a House and Pet Sitter for a few hours, the entire day, or an extended period of time, Pampered Kritters and House Sitters is always here to help. My Locking & Arming services are a huge hit with both the pets I work with and their owners. Take a look at my calendar to see my Locking & Arming availability and book your spot today.



What My Clients Are Saying

I love getting feedback from my clients. It keeps me on my toes and helps me strive to be better. 


Sandy S.

Mr. Houston

I know my horses are well spoiled by Ms. Hunter. I can go on vacation and feel assured they are in good hands


Sarah Hunter 229-603-4550

I love animals and have years of experience working with them. You can trust me to provide a safe, comfortable, fun, and healthy environment for your furry friend. Whether it’s taking them for walks, coming by to feed them, or providing at-home care, I’ll watch over your pet as if it were my own.

Leesburg, GA 31763, USA